Family Office Investments in Innovative Technologies & Life Science


The NYC meetings are a series of select new intimate meetings dedicated to Tech and Life Science Investments of high net worth individuals and single family office executives, in private and public companies as well as VC funds. The events are attended by 100-120 attendees.

Investment opportunities in innovative technologies are  increasingly being recognized by the next generation of wealthy families and their family office executives. Family members are more open to exploring opportunities far from their family’s core business and traditional investment portfolios of real estate, stocks, commodities, etc. They understand exciting opportunities exist within high level technology sectors and see the wealth being created, seeking to diversify their portfolios whilst waiting for the next unicorn opportunity.

Unlike traditional institutional investors, high net worth individuals and single family offices are uniquely positioned to invest in innovative technologies. In part due to their freedom of cross-sector investments, appetite and ability to invest in different company stages, different growth perspectives and market caps with more flexibility then institutions that must adhere to specific holding periods due to a fund’s timeline or structure. They are more open to the idea of risk than institutional funds that are highly restricted and regulated. Family offices see this as an exciting investment adventure. With flexibility, patience and resources, private wealth creates the ideal long-term investor base.

Economies are still experiencing sub-par growth post 2008, investors are on the constant hunt for returns looking to tap into innovations from Fintech to Aerospace, Life Science to the Internet, Cleantech to Agtech. Network with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time and those SFOs who know the value of innovative technologies as they seek to turbo-boost their portfolios. Come and discuss the latest cutting edge ideas, tech trends and investing models in a unique environment.

Last year’s speakers included David Rosenblatt, Founder, 1stdibs and Ex CEO of DoubleClick , Mr. Anthony Russo and Mr. Joseph V. Russo, Directors, Film and TV Directors (Captain America, The Avengers, Arrested Development), Mr. Michael Englander – Englander Family Office, Mr. Gavin Michael – Head of Digital, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Mr. Yaki Yanay, President and COO, Pluristem Therapeutics Inc and Co-Chairman of Israel’s Advanced Technology Industries’ Association, Mr. Alexander Smith-Ryland, CS Wilton Group (SFO) and HedgeCoVest, Mr. Guy Schory . Head of Strategic Initiatives, PayPal, Mr. Gavriel D. Meron, CEO and Chairman, HyGIeaCare Inc, and Founder, Given Imaging Ltd, Mr. Sean O’Sullivan, Founder and Managing Partner, SOSV.

Come and meet exciting opportunities. Meet Innovation.

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