Family Office Investments in Innovative Technologies


The New York City High Tech Family Office Meetings are a series of select Semi-Annual events dedicated to investments of high net worth individuals and single family office executives in high tech opportunities.

Our next meeting is to explore and discuss the emerging and controversial world of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. Is it the dotcom bubble all over again or the next big disruptor – the internet of value? is it the next tulips or the next revolution?

The meeting will explore the future of cryptocurrencies and take a look at the growing number of Blockchain based technology companies (media, gaming, fintech, AI, P2P, clean-tech, marketplaces, hardware, base protocols, security, social and more). In addition, we will also answer questions on the nature of ICOs – how it works, the future of ICOs and the pitfalls to be watchful of, where the opportunities lie and what should be avoided, legal and accounting issues (evaluation, bookkeeping etc.), how do the regulators/lawmakers/tax authorities view and approach the space and on the other end – what is the advisers’ point of view.

We will map and explain the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies by also looking at the different point of views of various experts and from the leading investors in the field – VCs, family offices and the field’s top experts – academia, entrepreneurs, legal advisers and CPAs.

Come and meet innovation.

April 2018 Speakers:


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