Dr. Keith Jurow

Dr. Keith Jurow

Real Estate Market Analyst

Dr. Keith Jurow is one of the leading analysts in the US covering the entire real estate space.   For six years, he has provided investors with compelling and reliable evidence that the so-called real estate recovery may be little more than an illusion.  His in-depth research has led him to conclude that the real estate crash never really ended – it was only interrupted by the regulators and the FASB in 2009.

Keith's mission is to show investors how to avoid the real estate downturn that will resume soon and impact commercial real estate, mortgage and housing markets, securitized mortgage loan portfolios, REITs and private equity

In early October 2016, Keith was interviewed by Grant Williams, the founder of RealVision TV about the state of housing markets.  The in-depth interview was posted and featured on their website.  Response from their subscribers was overwhelmingly positive.  One viewer said it was the best video interview that Real Vision TV had ever posted.

In April 2017, Keith was featured in an article by Ken Harney – the widely-read syndicated real estate columnist – on the surge in cash-out refinancing.

Dr. Jurow has written extensively about the bubble-era lending disaster and its aftermath.  His latest articles have been featured regularly on advisorperspectives.com, a website devoted mainly to professional investment advisors.  They cover all aspects of real estate markets – mortgage markets, commercial real estate, US housing markets and REITs.  Keith is the only real estate analyst who was invited by their CEO to write for this highly-regarded website.

John Tamny – well-known editor of Real Clear Markets – has been regularly featuring Keith's articles for five years.

Over the last four years, Dr. Jurow has been interviewed often on radio and TV – including Bloomberg TV, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Ticker with Henry Blodget, and Lance Roberts' Street Talk Live radio show.  Some of these interviews are posted on his website – www.keithjurow.com.

In the fall of 2015, Keith gave a major presentation at Harry Dent's important investment conference in Vancouver where he laid out the serious minefields facing wealthy investors.

Dr. Jurow is a graduate of Cornell University and received his PhD from the New School in Manhattan.