Mr. Yigal Zemah

Mr. Yigal Zemah

CEO and Founder of Berggruen Residential

Mr. Zemah is the CEO and founder of Berggruen Residential, the developer of Meier on Rothschild, designed by Richard Meier. The tower broke the records of the gross revenue and profitability in the history of Israel.

From 1998 to 2000 he worked at the M&A and Real Estate Department of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in New York and was involved in major M&A and real estate transactions.

Then worked as a vice president of business development and was in charge of the real estate activities of the Aurec Group (a privately held investment company), a representative of Aurec at AIG (Israel) and a director at Golden Pages, Med Nautilus and Maximedia.

A graduate of Tel Aviv University, Mr. Zemah holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in economics and accounting, a Bachelors of Law (with honors) in law, and a Masters of Law in corporate law from New York University and he is currently studying for a degree in Executive Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

In addition, Mr. Zemah is a member of the Israeli and New York Bar Associations and served as the Chapter Chair of the YPO Israel.