V. Jacob Bernstein | Boardmaps, Sponsor

“Denny, You were totally honest and straight with me. Your audience is 100% family offices, a very serious and distinguished audience. Being very sincere. Thank you.”


Mr. Kent M. Swig | President of Swig Equities (SFO)

“Thanks for a wonderful conference; I am so pleased that I was able to attend. Also, thank you for including me at the conference.”


Ms. Margan Mitchell | Menlo Equities, Sponsor

“Thank you, The event was terrific. We were happy to have been included and look forward to participating again.”


Ms. Bernadette De Celle | Herrick Feinstein LLP, Sponsor

“We are happy to have hosted DC Finance.  Feedback from Belinda and those who attended has been very positive.”


Mr. Moshe Rosenbaum | President, MFR Equity

“Thanks all, it was very insightful and interesting to hear and learn about the views discussed. 

Looking forward to ways we can connect in the future. “



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