Mr. Danny Lange

Mr. Danny Lange

Head of Machine Learning, UBER

A serial innovator of large-scale distributed software systems with significant breakthroughs in cloud-based Machine Learning, MapReduce, Mobile-to-Cloud architectures, Mobile Search, Distributed Speech Recognition, Mobile Agents, and Hypertext.

 At Uber, we are building a world-class Machine Learning team. At Amazon Danny ran the internal Machine Learning platform (EML) and launched Amazon Machine Learning for AWS. Machine Learning is one of the amazing technologies that sets Amazon apart from its competitors.

Highly motivated, self-starting individual who has contributed in both startups and large companies. Known as a skillful engineering leader who favors agile development with a strong drive for daily progress.

Founder of Vocomo Software in 2001. Vocomo technology platform acquried by Google in 2005. Vocomo customer base acquired by Voxeo same year.

Accomplished author and speaker; author of numerous patents.