Mr. Idan Penner

Mr. Idan Penner

COO, Consul Commerce Ltd.

Since 2008 managing projects for our family company.

Developing outdoor media advertisment, industrial soultions and more for Municipal and Goverment projects.

From 2009-2014 CEO of essential oil distillery for 5 years working with Goverment and Private sector in local and international raw material trade. Certified for Safe Transport of DNG by Air - at Swissport school, Israel.

2016 – Technion Medical cannabis course -tech and business entrepreneurship reviews&trends

2016-2017 -  Production of HiTech Distillation systems for all industries: Food, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.

R&D project for Medical Cannabis farms and the agriculture ministry of Israel.

R&D cannabis extraction methods research licensed by the health ministry in Israel.