Mr. Jon Cooper

Mr. Jon Cooper

Founder & CEO, ebbu, LLC

Jon is the co-founder and CEO of ebbu, LLC, a leading cannabis research and consumer products firm based in Colorado.

Jon has over 20 years of entrepreneurship, business strategy, planning, product management and marketing experience. He has started a number of companies in different industries, and worked with dozens of others to help develop plans and presentations for investment from both angels and venture companies.

Prior to ebbu, Jon served in various leadership roles in technology, communication, consulting and media companies.  Most recently, Jon was principal consultant with Cayenne Consulting.  He worked with a few dozen start-up’s to help them refine their business strategy and plans, and also helped guide them with their financing strategies.  Jon was co-founder of Aventura, a context-aware computing company that has created 26 new advanced computing patents.  Jon has served as President, VP of Strategy, VP of Marketing, and VP of Product during his tenure at Aventura.  Before Aventura, Jon co-founded SkyWay Systems, an “On-Star” like solution for Ford Motor Company, where Jon was VP of Marketing and Product.  At both firms, Jon lead and participated in both angel and venture financing that resulted in raising $15M+ at each firm.

Jon also has worked on the global strategy team of Level3 Communications and was a consultant at Accenture.

Jon earned his BA from University of Colorado.