Mr. Jonathan Nutzati

Mr. Jonathan Nutzati

Aerospace Engineer, Entrepreneur&Future-thinker

Jonathan Nutzati is an Aerospace Engineer, Entrepreneur and Future-thinker. His passion lies in building the marvelous inventions of science fiction into our modern reality to solve mankind’s greatest problems.

Jonathan left his hometown of Hong Kong in 2006 begin his journey in future-building by getting a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. In his early career he designed jet engines, wind turbines, carbon fiber aircraft and worked on the first generation of consumer drone technology.

In 2014, Jonathan moved to Silicon Valley to design electric motors for Tesla. While in Palo Alto working on the drive units for models S, X and 3, Jonathan also trained for and achieved his FAA airplane pilot’s license while living off the grid in a solar-powered RV.

In 2016 the opportunity to combine his passion for aerospace with his fascination with solar came when Jonathan founded Mothership Aeronautics. The vision of Mothership is long-term aerial persistence through a combination of lighter-than-air lifting and lightweight photovoltaic cells. Jonathan is currently focused on the development of Mothership’s high-endurance autonomous solar airship, and using it to collect critical data on long-linear infrastructure.

Jonathan will be one of the early colonists on Mars in 2030, but while still on Earth, enjoys flying planes, diving, whitewater rafting, and engineering projects in his garage. He is currently prototyping his second hydroponic vegetable growing machine.