Mr. Mustafa Mohammed

Mr. Mustafa Mohammed

CEO, Gold Bits Coin

Mustafa Mohammed, a young serial entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, and Australian business owner comes from Hyderabad and is set on a mission to explore the brave new world of cryptocurrencies.

Mustafa reckons, it is inevitable for any futuristic nations, investment bankers and astute investors to keep neglecting the waves created by this new technology. He adds on by saying, “This new system of money will be the way the world will operate, whether we like it or not. The nations embracing the change early and accomodating regulations will unquestionably have an advantage over others, and will set standards for the rest of the world.”

Acceptance of cryptocurrency could be a fresh new beginning with enormous opportunities. “It takes great economists, financial gurus, policy makers, and investment specialists to work in tandem with technical experts in order to derive creative solutions for this electronic currency, and most importantly regulators to define the rules.”

" This mode of money is here to stay and prevail."

Mustafa is planning on a grand launch of his gold-backed cryptocurrency called Gold Bits Coin. Mustafa informed us that Gold Bits Coin is a gold-backed cryptocurrency that has the best of both worlds:

ŸOldest civilization currency - GOLD

ŸFuture currency - CRYPTO

He is very hopeful that his coin will be a game changer in the cryptocurrency world and a tough competitor to the world leader in crypto: "Bitcoin".