The New York Family Office Meetings – Technology & Innovation  – November 8th, 2017


 David Teten, Hof Capital, Speaker

Thank you. I really enjoyed the entire experience. There were great panelists and very high-quality families as well. I’d be happy to speak at other conferences”

Ellie Reider, Castle Lanterra, Sponsor

Thank you for coordinating and running a very enjoyable evening. The quality of the people appeared to be real and of caliber. Every seat was taken and I felt good chemistry and genuine interest from almost everybody that came. Thank you for a job well done.

Viola Venutre Capital, Eylon Penchas, Sponsor

As for the dinner we held – the venue was excellent, food and service were great. The crowd was varied and interesting, I received positive feedback and many business cards.

Consul Commerce, Idan Penner, Sponsor

I would like to thank you and the production team personally for the invitation to sponsor such a quality event. Many thanks for the support and assistance during the conference. We were pleased to present ourselves and have established good connections and met very interesting people.

FutureVault, Sponsor

The turnout was good so we had a pretty full room. We liked the venue as well.I think we got a couple of serious indications of interest.

Joey Low – Low Family Office, Speaker

I’d like to add my thanks for your meeting this morning. It was nice meeting everyone. We are all very lucky to be doing what we love.   May we be able to continue for years to come.

Sanjit Singh Dang, CIO @ Intel Capital, Speaker

I wanted to extend my sincere THANKS to you all for an excellent conference and such a warm hospitality!!!I hope this is a great start to a long-lasting relationship between us…. If there is anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate at all to let me know.

Mark Minevich, Speaker

We had a lot of fun and met interesting people

Tim Draper, Draper Venture Fund

Thank you for arranging the event Natalie. And your panelists were awesome (and tolerant)

Jen Bawden, Bawden Capital, Speaker

Just wanted you to know your team did a great job yesterday. Things went very smoothly and the speakers did a very good job.

Kay Torshen, Torshen Capital Management, Speaker

Thank you so much for including me in your DC Finance conference last week. I am very impressed with the speakers and the family members I met. I look forward to speaking or participating on a panel at your conference in October.

Judith Klebanow, Wealth Advisor, Speaker

Everything is going great. Wonderful speakers, great turnout. You have much to be proud of!

Andrew Hulsh, Partner, Pepper Hamilton Law, Main Sponsor

It was a great and, I believe, a very successful event. I was very pleased with the many speakers; here was a great deal of talent at the event. I spoke with nearly every single attendee, and the feedback I received was all very positive. Suffice to say, I would be very interested in continuing to sponsor this event.

Your staff and team were all excellent. Please give some thought as to how I and my firm can continue to be involved with DC Finance and upcoming events. It would truly be my pleasure to do so, and I expect that, acting together, we can make this a landmark event in NYC.

2016 Reviews

Kathleen Murray, Angel Investing, Attendee

Thank you for including me in the event.  There are a couple of individuals/firms with which I am following up for our Angel group firms –

Leena Guverich, Sponsor, GHURKA, Sponsor

Partnering with DCF both in Miami and most recently in NYC has been an unbelievable experience. Your team was incredibly accommodating and the introductions that were made were priceless. It is so refreshing to attend an event that is not only riveting in topics but entertaining and so well organized

Mr. Gaby Meron, Hygieacare, Main Lead Sponsor

I just wanted to again thank you for the wonderful support there in the back office – the meetings were very successful, and well organized.

Yaky Yanay, CEO, Pluristem Pharmaceutical, Sponsor

I heard it was Excellent!

Richard Russo, President & CEO at Endomedix, Inc., Sponsor

I wish to thank you for your assistance leading up to the April 5 meeting, which was particularly well run. I was particularly pleased that the audience was limited primarily to investors and presenting companies, and that service providers and people seeking employment were largely excluded.  The presentation formats were appropriate and effective.  Our company presentation went well, and we have a few leads for potential investors to follow up. All in all, the meeting was successful.

Michael Shanabrook,  Attendee, Family Office Chief of Staff

Thanks very much for the follow-up.  The conference was incredible:  stellar presenters, fascinating discussions and a first-class facility with amazing food and beverages.  I could tell a tremendous amount of planning went into pulling off such a well-organized and facilitated event.  Bravo and congratulations! Again, thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for our family office. Best regards –

Nada Jain – Golden Seeds Angels, Attendee

I thought this was a very good quality meeting both on the panel discussions and the companies that presented and certainly lot more serious meeting than some of the others for family offices that I attended that we full of vendors “pestering” both the companies and the investors.

Eric Saucedo – Tricap Partners, Attendee

Keep it up.  You guys are great. Perfect event

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