Real Estate Investments of Family Offices & High Net Worth Individuals


DC Finance’s 2017 NYC Meeting is dedicated to one of the most prominent investment sectors in the portfolios of family offices and high net worth individuals – real estate.

The investment opportunities in the Real Estate world are still attracting the family office and high net worth individuals worldwide and not only is it the most common investment sector but also the allocations are rising year by year.

CNBC has recently mentioned that “Property has been a mainstay of high net worth investor portfolios for decades, as can be seen in the soaring prices in prime real estate in capitals around the globe…. real estate is still the wealthy investor’s go-to safe haven. Clients are still inquiring about real estate more than any other asset” (Jenny Cosgrave, September 2015).

Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, whether its direct investment or through a fund (PE, REIT or investment bank), we will cover all aspects of real estate investments.


 Our Speakers for the 2017 meeting include:

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