Dooma Wendschuh | Province Brands of Canada

“With the DC Finance events, Province Brands of Canada has been able to meet incredibly high quality investors. We actually met our largest institutional investor through one of the events!  We have never had such a positive experience as we have had at DC Finance.”


Alex Nunez | Marks Paneth, Sponsor

“Thanks to you and the team for a great event! You were all wonderful to work with. Talk soon!”


Zachariah Rosenberg | Family Member & Speaker

“Thank you for the note. Was good fun! I too enjoyed the event – the audience, the sessions and in general, the event was very well organized. You did a fantastic job and I am grateful to have been included. I hope I was helpful and I’d be happy to stay involved if there are ways I can help.”


Scott Bennett | Wells Fargo, Sponsor

“Thank you again for having Wells Fargo participate in the NYC Real Estate Event. We enjoyed the conference and hope to make some new connections as a result of our contribution.”


V. Jacob Bernstein | Boardmaps, Sponsor

“Denny, You were totally honest and straight with me. Your audience is 100% family offices, a very serious and distinguished audience. Being very sincere. Thank you.”


Mr. Kent M. Swig | President of Swig Equities (SFO)

“Thanks for a wonderful conference; I am so pleased that I was able to attend. Also, thank you for including me at the conference.”


Ms. Margan Mitchell | Menlo Equities, Sponsor

“Thank you, The event was terrific. We were happy to have been included and look forward to participating again.”


Ms. Bernadette De Celle | Herrick Feinstein LLP, Sponsor

“We are happy to have hosted DC Finance. Feedback from Belinda and those who attended has been very positive.”


Mr. Moshe Rosenbaum | President, MFR Equity

“Thanks all, it was very insightful and interesting to hear and learn about the views discussed. 

Looking forward to ways we can connect in the future. “



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