The 2019 Tech & Innovation Family Office Meeting
08:00-09:00 am Registration & Refreshments
09:00-09:10 am Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Conference Moderator: Mr. Anthony J. DianaEsq., Partner, Reed Smith
09:10-09:50 am Panel I – Blockchain 
Moderator: Mr. Patrick South, VP of Development, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  With: Mr. Ted Serafini, Director, Office of Global Public Policy, DTCC; Mr. Michael D. Hansen, Head of Innovation, Business Technology, Discover Financial Services; Mr. Joseph Cox, Vice President, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, BNP Paribas; Mr. Herbert F. Kozlov, Esq., Partner, Reed Smith
The transformative possibilities of blockchain technology and its tremendous positive impact for prosperity and security have been recognized by entrepreneurs, governments, and leaders around the world. Its ability to improve business processes, increase efficiency, and promote transparency in financial services is significantly enhancing the way financial institutions conduct business. This panel will explore how innovators are using blockchain in financial services such as payment processing, lending, custody, and investing.
09:50-10:00 am Cyber – Conventional Thinking Not allowed Beyond This pointMr. Shai Kavas, Managing Partner, CyberGuild Ventures
Cyber-security is way more beyond just a technology. It touches the life of each and everyone of us. Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” (Einstein), so why with so many security solutions out there, the attackers are still ahead of the game? This is where new and fresh approach should take place. The CyberGuild Ventures approach.
10:00-10:05 am Responsible Investing in the Emerging Cannabis Industry – Mr. Mitch Baruchowitz, Managing Partner, Merida Capital Partners
10:05-10:20 am How to Profit from the Technological Disruption in the Travel IndustryMr. Kevin Bidner, President & CEO, HCN, The Hotel Communication Network
Travel, one of the world’s largest industries, is now undergoing a major transition as tech-savvy millennials, the largest cohort in human history, now become the largest customer set.  The heart of the travel experience, the hotel room, has not seen a major upgrade in technology in two generations, leaving a major vacuum that will be filled by the guest-room tablet, creating a portal to the hotel, city and, establishing a new major communication network in every city that will change travel forever.
10:20-10:40 am Fireside Chat – Blindspot: Data without Human Intelligence
Ms. Yaël Eisenstat, Founder, Kilele Global, interviewed by Mr. Andrew RasiejFounder & CEO, Civic Hall
Yaël is a thought leader and strategist at the intersection of ethics, tech, security, and society. She has spent 18 years working around the globe on political, social, technology and security issues as a CIA Officer, a national security advisor to Vice President Biden, a diplomat, one of Facebook’s Global Head of Elections Integrity Ops, a corporate social responsibility strategist at ExxonMobil, and the head of a global risk firm. She is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and provides context and analysis on innovation, national security, and foreign affairs in the media.
10:40-11:10 am Break
11:10-11:40 am Special Keynote Presentation: Journey to Success – the Founders Kitchen Model – Mr. Uri Levine, Co-Founder, Waze & Serial Entrepreneur
Mr. Uri Levine is one of the most exceptional entrepreneurs coming out of Israel and a leader in the disruptive technology space. Uri has co-founded one of the most revolutionary tech companies in the world that is assisting billions of drivers around the world in navigating their way – Waze.
11:40-12:25 pm Panel II – The Dark Side of Tech
Moderator: Mr. David Teten, Managing Partner, HOF Capital
With: Mr. Andrew RasiejFounder & CEO, Civic Hall; Dr. Danah Boyd, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research and Founder, Data & Society; Mr. Anthony J. Diana, Esq., Partner, Reed Smith; Mr. Jonathan Askin, Professor of Clinical Law, Brooklyn Law School
Our children are growing up surrounded by always-on access to all possible content; how should we parent them? Online culture is having a demonstrable impact on our politics, our beliefs, and our actions; how can we take advantage of the power of technology without being damaged by its deleterious effects? Our expert panel will lend their insights on these difficult and important questions.
12:25-01:30 pm Lunch
01:30-02:15 pm Panel III – Artificial Intelligence 
Moderator: Mr. Gerard M. Stegmaier, Esq., Partner, Reed Smith
With: Ms. Stephanie Campbell, Managing Director, The Houston Angel Network; Mr. Tim O’Brien, General Manager AI Programs, Microsoft; Dr. JT Kostman, Managing Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Keith B. Strier, EY Global Leader for Artificial Intelligence
This panel will discuss socially responsible AI, digital twins, Quantom Computing and other important topics.
 02:15-03:00 pm Fireside Chat on Artificial Intelligence: The Next Revolution at Home and Abroad
Mr. Mark KendellCEO of EcoNova, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Jiffy Lube, Royal Pharmaceutical Company and Great Western Aviation, interviewed by Mr. Sasha Bernier, Senior VP & Investment Committee Member, Cheltenham Enterprises 
A fireside chat about the artificial intelligence revolution: the new battleground. The discussion will revolve around how Artificial Intelligence is going to change industries and why it’s important we stay ahead of the curve especially with the war with China.
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