Mr. Brian Sewell

Mr. Brian Sewell

Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Rockwell Capital Management

A Stanford-certified data scientist, Brian is the founder of Rockwell Capital, Bitcoin Academy and the Zion Exchange.He has served as bitcoin money manager for nearly five years. He served as an executive of World Savings Bank, which was sold to Wachovia, a former Fortune 500 Company. He has managed over $1.1 billion in assets and is recognized for his fiscal, strategic, and operational vision and leadership.

BS in Business from Southern Utah University, Data Science Certificate from Johns Hopkins University, Machine Learning Certificate from Stanford University


Rockwell Capital Management offers an unparalleled breadth of experience in cryptocurrency investment management, software coding, AI analysis, and market making.

We develop fact-based, ongoing assessments of cryptocurrency’s risk/reward outlook, employ a rational Machine Learning approach to exploit both the logical and irrational aspects of this emerging market and are committed to an investment strategy that is candid, transparent, and diligent.

Rockwell Cryptocurrency Capital Management aims to offer investors cryptocurrency exposure, exceptional performance, and reduced volatility. To achieve these aims, Rockwell Cryptocurrency Capital Management not only employs Machine Learning algorithms to develop timely, actionable insights on emerging developments. It also generates two uncorrelated return streams, from cryptocurrency arbitrage activities and market maker fees.