Mr. Michael D. Hansen

Mr. Michael D. Hansen

Head of Innovation, Business Technology, Discover Financial Services

Michael D. Hansen is a Head of Innovation, Business Technology.  His responsibilities include: starting/growing/operating the Innovation Office, coordinating the enterprise-wide Innovation Council with attention to opportunities in Bank, Credit Card, Network, Operations and Payment Services.  He manages internal and external transaction and execution resources.  Before becoming Head of Innovation in 2015, Mike helped Discover assess and invest in companies to support Discover’s products and growth targets.

Prior to Discover, Mike developed, acquired and financed companies and projects in multiple industries for both private and public companies.  He’s arranged and been in deals - big and small – specifically from 3+ Billion to . . . $12,500.00.

He has lived innovation - a leader inside of operating companies, a developer/principal investor, an investment banker and practicing corporate attorney.  He leverages past experience from Wall Street to Main Street – Credit Suisse to Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus.

His experience and depth help take ideas from paper to real world execution and deployment.  He has a keen sense of what is coming and puts everything thru financial filters and a probability of execution filter.  He claims he can talk with anyone from your CEO to your engineer to your kid to your deep thinker, mostly because he’s a self-proclaimed good listener...