Mr. Oleg Ivanov

Mr. Oleg Ivanov

Co-Founder & CEO, CryptoBazar Fund

enture investments in cryptocurrency projects, ready to enter the ICO in the following areas:

  • digital payments
  • backbone projects
  • exchanges
  • banks
  • funds
  • infrastructure development
  • new types of blockchain
  • technological innovations.


Entrepreneur, investor, founder and CEO of InvestBazar Fund - 13 mln dollars in management.

  • Attraction investments
  • Private investment
  • Cryptocurrency market
  • Investing in projects before entering ICO
  • How to make money on investments in real business
  • How to make money on investments in cryptocurrencies
  • Two sides of ICO: how to attract money and how to invest without losses
  • Top projects which have reached the highest ICO hard cap
  • How to attract money to the project by issuing cryptocurrency
  • Earnings from ICO: the investors view
  • The principle of selecting projects for investment in a successful ICO
  • For what to prepare in ICO and how to avoid loss of money