Agenda – November 8th 
08:00-09:00 AM Registration and Refreshments
Conference Chair: Mr. David Teten, Managing Partner, HOF Capital
09:00-09:15 AM Opening Remarks: Mr. Jonathan M.A MelmedPartner and Co-Chair, Global Private Equity Group, Morrison & Foerster LLP
  Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
09:15-09:30 AM Global Startup Seed Investing at Scale – Mr. Mark Solon, Managing Director, Techstars Ventures
09:30-09:40 AM Powerful, Persistent Authentication by iDefend- Mr. Ori Katz Oz, Co-Founder & CEO, iDefend
09:40-10:10 AM Will your Children be Better than you? Investing in Edtech
  Moderator: Mr. Jason L. Ma, Founder & CEO, ThreeEQ 
  With: Mr. Chakrapani Appalabattula, Founder & CEO,, Mr. Zach Sims, CEO, CodeAcademy, Mr. Naguib S. Sawiris, Founder & CEO, Yup Technologies, Mr. Paul Gollash, CEO, Voxy
  The global education market is huge—about $5 trillion per year. A new education and learning world has finally awakened. How will edtech, a major category within education, transform schools? Students and families? Communities? What are some investment possibilities?
10:10-10:40 AM Bleeding Edge: Select Emerging Companies – From Blockchain to Artificial intelligence
  Moderator: Ms. Sheryl WuDunn, Co-Founder of FullSky Partners, and author of A Path Appears
  With: Mr. Mutisya Ndunda, Founder & CEO, Alpha Vertex, Mr. David H. Brill, Founder and general Counsel, Celsius, Ms. Josh  Klayman, Co-head, Morrison & Foerster’s Blockchain + Smart Contracts Group
 10:40-11:10 AM  How to Invest with the Best as a Family Office
 Moderator: Mr. Patrick Huard, Corporate Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP
With: Mr. Jason Klein, Founder & CEO, On Grid Ventures LLC, Mr. Thomas Wisniewski, Partner, Rose Paul Investments, Mr. Mark Ghermezian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Appboy, Mr. Douglas Libby, Member of the Board of Directors, ELMC Group
The Tech Investor’s Panel:  What Tech Sectors are Hot?  What’s right for Your Family Office?
11:10-11:40 AM Refreshment Break 
11:40-12:00 PM  Keynote Presentation: Defending Digital Democracy: Deterrence in the Information Age –  Mr. Eric Rosenbach, Former Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense; Co-Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School
The Health Care Session
12:00-12:20 PM Keynote Presentation: Human and Robotic Intersection, Mr. Larry Jasinski, CEO, Rewalk Robotics
 The Amazing Story of the Revolutionary Company That helped Paralyzed People Start Walking
12:20-12:35 PM Simple and Rapid Blood Testing at the Point Of Care,      
Mr. Avishay  Bransky, Ph.D. Founder& CEO, PixCell Medical
12:35-12:50 PM Hygieacare – A Healthcare Scale-UpMr. Gavriel Meron, Chairman & CEO,HyGIeaCare
12:50-01:20 PM The Health Care Panel – Family Offices Discuss the Healthcare Space
  Moderator:  Dr. Dale Nordenberg, MD, President, Medical Device Innovation, Safety, and Security Consortium and Co-CEO for Strategy, Novasano Health and Science
  With: Mr. Neil E. Wyant, Managing Director, Fir Hill, LLC and Everett Partners, Ltd.,
 Mr. Gavriel Meron, Chairman & CEO, HyGleaCare, Mr. Kevin Schimelfenig, Founder and Managing Partner, McGeever LLC (SFO)
01:20-02:20 PM Lunch 
02:20-02:50 PM Drones are Flying High, but what about their Valuations?
  Moderator: Dr. Thomas A. Campbell, Founder & President, FutureGrasp, LLC
  With: Mr. Andrew Tang, Partner, Draper Dragon Fund & Draper Associates; CEO, Draper University & Hero City,  Dr. Long Phan, CEO & CTO, Top Flight Technologies, Mr. Jonathan Nutzati Fontaine, Founder, CEO at Mothership Aeronautics, Mr. Alexsey Matyushev, CEO & Co-Founder, Natilus
02:50-03:20 PM Who is Disrupting the Investing Industry? – Innovative New Approaches to Putting Money to Work
  Moderator: Mr. David Teten, Managing Partner, HOF Capital
  With: Ms. Stephanie Choo, Partner, Portag3 Ventures, Mr. Benjamin Elbaz, Managing Partner, BlackRock, Mr. Andrew Robson, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Earnest Research
  Asset management shows the traditional earmarks of an industry ripe for disruption – extremely profitable incumbents and many unhappy customers. Our panel of experts will identify innovative new approaches to putting money to work, which are challenging the established industry leaders.
03:20-03:30 PM Closing Remarks: Mr. Eric McCrath, Partner, Morrison & Foerster’s San Francisco
05:00-07:00 PM Cocktail Reception at Mosafer – 24 W 57th St.


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