Dooma Wendschuh, Province Brands of Canada, Sponsor

“We ended up being much more successful in fundraising at the event than I would have expected.  We raised nearly $200,000 from folks we met at your event that day.  There are others who have wanted to invest more than $1,000,000 but we had to turn them away because we were not raising that much. So it was a big success for us…… Given our success, we would absolutely love to get more involved in future DC finance events and sponsor future events and get involved in your organization”

Jacob Bernstein, Boardmaps, Sponsor

“You were totally honest and straight with me. Your audience is 100% family offices, a very serious and distinguished audience. Being very sincere. Thank you.”

Guy Maddalone, GTM Payroll Services, Sponsor

“We enjoyed the event and were able to connect with a couple people who we are in the process of following up with. Your event is one we will consider attending again in the future”

Ian DeWeerdt,  Fifth Season Ventures, Attendee

“Denny & Team, thanks for a great event. You did a fantastic job of setting up the networking environment and the panel content was all very useful.”

Oren Gev, ASAPP, Sponsor

“The Conference went well and we have several leads that we’re working on, hoping to get a real investment out of it.  The moment the conference started, we had no doubts, it was very well organized and very impressive.”

John Sitilides, Cyber Panel, Speaker

“It was a pleasure to meet you and your terrific team. Thanks again for a terrific opportunity to address your East Coast Forum and meet your clients and attendees. Their many compliments about my presentation were gracious and greatly appreciated.

I trust that my geopolitical cybersecurity and political disruption presentation met an d even exceeded your expectations. Many of your clients and other attendees were highly complimentary to me immediately after the presentation.

My goal is to inform, educate and help investors and executives to plan accordingly given the high systemic risks involved in so many political and global flashpoints. I hope we were able to accomplish that together.

 Looking forward to working with your DC Finance team again in the future.”

Chip Weinberg, Weinberg Capital, Attendee

“As a first time attendee, I enjoyed conference and meeting quite a few like minded family offices. One suggestion is to locate the cocktail hour closer to the site of the event for convenience.

Sharon Bush, Elections Panel, Speaker

“It was a pleasure to be part of your conference. Thank you for inviting me . As far as feedback , I thought that everything went extremely well and efficiently” 

Martin Okner, SHM Corporate Navigators, Speaker

“Wonderful job and thank you for your kind note.  The event was very well organized and executed.  The panels were purposeful and engaging as was Sam Zell.”

Eric Saucedo, TriCap Partners, Attendee

“What a pleasure meeting you last week at the East Coast Family Office Conference, another major success.”

Anastasia Dellacio, Co-Founder, Dolci Gelati, Speaker

“Dear Natalie, I cannot thank you enough for your leadership here, it was such an incredible experience for me.”

Lauren Berger, The Lauren Berger Collection, Sponsor

“Amazing Meeting, Congratulations to all of you”


“Just a short note of thanks for including me in the event this past Wednesday. I found the content and people very beneficial to my business and I plan to attend future events.”

Kirby Rosplock, Author of The Complete Family Office Handbook, Speaker

“Hats off to you and your team for a wonderful program with high caliber presenters and attendees. Look forward to participating in a future DC event. Thanks again for the opportunity.”

Wendy Craft, SFO, Speaker

“Thank you for having me and it was a lovely conference! Thank you again for the lovely flutes and congratulations to you and your staff for a very successful conference.”

Jason Ma, Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ, Inc., & Author of Young Leaders 3.0, Speaker

“Denny, Natalie, and team: Great work in preparing and orchestrating this event, which I think went very well. An honor to have inspired high-level decision makers. I enjoyed the socials and private dinner as well!”





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